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We won’t be doing the gig at the Inn on the Green this month as things are up in the air at the moment as I mentioned earlier. It’s one of those things that happen to musicians at any time so I should be resigned to it by now, but I have to say the whole music scene is depressing right now, as far as I’m concerned. Nobody supports live music in small venues the way they used to.

Some people are happy to pay massive prices to see some celebrity band and even stupid money to see a tribute band for God’s sake. Half these audiences weren’t even born when the actual bands were starting out, never mind the tribute nonsense. Yet the idea of paying a fiver or a tenner to support their local music scene seems beyond them. We were having a discussion about this last night at the Inn and it seems beyond anyone’s comprehension. Apparently even Elton John had some pertinent things to say about the scene. Good for him.

With pubs closing every day and good venues under pressure, you have to wonder just what is going on. Given that the entertainment business is a big earner for the economy, you would think the government could do something to make it even more viable lower down the market. The consensus last night was that celebrity glitz is more valuable than musical content. Perhaps musicians should get into the banking business. It’s enough to drive a man to drink. Apropos of which I’m meeting Dino tomorrow night at the Princess Louise pub in Holborn. That’ll be another opportunity to pursue the theme further, or drink more, whichever.


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  1. Saw Esmond Selwyn at PL in, er, mid eighties. But nowadays it’s good for cheap beer, conversation (no muisc or TV) and wonderful architechure (SP?).
    OBB on handpump at around £2 last time I went, pre VAT rise I had (have?) a student around the corner so sometimes pop in for a couple after the lessson.

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