Going down slow

Mel Wright and I, with the sterling assistance of Tony Ellis, have finalised the artwork for the forthcoming cd: Shakey Vick & The Blueshawks “100 Club Boogie”, the live recording we did at the 100 Club, twenty years ago. I’ve said this quite a few times before, but it should be out soon.

A while back I went to a so-called blues bar though there wasn’t much in the way of blues. I met up with Jon T-bone Taylor. He’d just come out of hospital and was a bit under the weather but obviously enjoyed himself. Unfortunately Pete Miles told me that he had to go back in again a bit later but I’m sure Jon will pick up and get back on the scene again.

Whilst I’m a great supporter of the NHS, My recent experience does piss me off. I needed a repeat prescription which comes up every two months and went along to my new doctor’s surgery, (the other one closed down unexpectedly) I was told I would have to wait three days for it. I waited and sure enough, not for the first time, it wasn’t ready. What’s all this new shake up of the NHS all about? Surely it only takes ten seconds to print out a repeat prescription and get an undecipherable signature on it, not three days. So much for the IT age.


We did the Inn on the Green gig last month with Pete Miles depping for Dino Coccia on drums. Though we hadn’t gigged for a while, by the time the second set got under way, we were grooving again. I don’t know when we are there again, as there are some changes planned for the Inn and we’re not sure what’s happening about our gig there, but I’ll post something as soon as I know. Apparently some of the existing space is going to be handed back to the downstairs Gym and things are up in the air at present. I’ve always wondered about a health club being located under a motorway, but each to their own.