And finally…

Yesterday I met up again with drummer Mel Wright, (who also penned the “Les Enfants Terrible” piece on this site), to discuss the finalisation of the artwork for the forthcoming album. The one recorded live at 100 Club twenty years ago and which I’ve been rabbiting on about for some time now, and is unsurprisingly titled 100 Club Boogie. We had a pretty good meeting although it only took two pints each. It was at the Blue Post pub, just around the corner from the club.

At the time, it was a last minute idea to record it, with no particular outcome in mind. Years went by, as they often do, and we decided to give it a listen, a couple of years ago. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a band consisting of various members of my early bands and other contemporaries of ours, including Wolfie Witcher. We decided that it wasn’t bad and it should be released. Mel thought it should be released for posterity and I thought it should be released for profit. He won. Well I can dream can’t I?

We are looking to release it in January but you’ve probably heard that one before It is authentic, i.e. we won’t make a profit, but what’s new. Mel insisted on including a couple of what he calls “archive studio tracks” from the sixties, from the second Shakey Vick line-up… mostly to embarrass me, because he’s not on them. And he thought I didn’t suss his true motive on that one! Anyway, all will be revealed soon. It will be available to all and sundry, but mostly sundry.

And now to other things. The forthcoming gig at the Inn on the Green has been put back to the fourth Sunday of the month, the 23rd, as there would be a clash with another promotion on the usual third Sunday. They are still holding their bitter at £3.00 a pint until the end of the month, so I can still afford to imbibe. Talking of which, I was quite busy imbibing around Christmas and the new year, which meant I forgot to wish everyone seasons greetings. Sorry about that, but I will take the opportunity now, to wish you all the best. What recession?