The Effra Hall Tavern

October 12, 2022
8:45 pm

Shakey Vick Blues Band

Band: Jon T-Bone Taylor, g; Andy Jones, el-b; Pete Miles, d.

The Effra Hall Tavern, 38 Kellett Road, SW2 1ED London,

Tel: 020 7652 0031

Admission free.

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Time Passing…

Once again I have got around to remembering I have a website. It has been some time, but I have been doing the odd gig or two. Angie’s Free House in Maida Hill, Petts Wood with Mel Wrights Jazz. group, for which I turned up late due to traffic and the Leytonstone Jam night among others.

It was good to see Wolfie and Jackie Witcher at Mel’s gig. The bad news is that Wolfie has had another fall ending in hospital again. He’s out now but not too mobile. Another one who doesn’t get around much any more is Al Vincent.

However, though Al has more or less given up playing, I have been lucky enough to have him play at a couple of those gigs and he will be with me at the Oval Tavern, Croydon in October.You can’t keep a good man down!

My next gig is the day before my birthday so will be promoted as my 85th Birthday bash and I will probably spend the next day, my actual birthday, recovering. It will be at Angle’s of course.

Birthday Bash

The band has been booked for my 84th Birthday Bash . For a change, it will be on my actual birthday, Saturday October the second.
The gig will be at my local, Angie’s Free House in Woodfield terrace London W9. The nearest tube station is Westbourne Park and buses are 28, 228 328 31 18 and 36.
The band will include Al Vincent, Mel Wright and Jon T-bone Taylor. Steve Taylor is waiting to know whether he will be in the country at that time.

I had Covid on the 1st March before the first lockdown and it took twelve days to get over it without hospitalisation. I learned later that the choir that rehearsed locally in The Union Tavern had all gone down with it, so that was where I probably picked it up, as I had listened to them for a while on my usual Monday night visit. I then had a few days pubbing and got drunk as a skunk on Paddy’s night, falling over on the way home and getting two black eyes to remind me to drink less next time. Unfortunately there wasn’t an immediate next time as all the pubs shut down due to the first lockdown. No, I haven’t really learned my lesson, I’m pleased to say.


Time goes by…

I hadn’t realised that a year has gone by since my last blog. Put it down to old age. I have been gigging but obviously keeping quiet about it. However I have finally got my ass into gear. I have now posted forthcoming gigs at Angies, Vaulty Towers in Waterloo with Jim Mercer and the oval tavern.

The first gig is at Angies with Alan Vincent on Bass, Mel Wright on drums, Jon Taylor on Bass. Steve Taylor is away for this gig and we have Tim Richards depping on Keys. Looking forward to it.