Good News!

The good news is that Chris is now happy to welcome visitors, though he can only communicate through writing at present. He read the various well-wishes via email and was surprised and pleased. Let’s hope the progress continues. I thank you all for your support.


Chris is making more progress though he is still on the critical list. They’ve managed to get him sitting up to help his breathing and he is conscious now, though unable to talk. He is aware of what is going on. I will go down and see him in the week and will convey your good wishes.

Chris Youlden rushed to hospital

On Thursday 8th November, Chris Youlden was taken seriously ill at his home with pneumonia and was rushed to hospital and treated in the isolation unit of the intensive care department. His condition was stabilised and he has been under heavy sedation, whilst various conditions were treated. He has made enough improvement to be removed from the isolation unit but remains in the intensive care section. He has lung problems and is being treated for this. Currently the medical staff are also attempting to lessen the sedation. We wish him and his family well and hope the improvement continues.

Old news:


Shakey has just finished recording an album with friends including Chris Youlden and Alan Glen. Alan has worked with the Yardbirds among others as well as currently working with the Incredible Blues Puppies. Also featured is long-standing Shakey Vick Band guitarist Alan Vincent. The provisional title is “Got Blues If You Wannit”.


The new Waydown, “Greek Street” Cd is now released and is available direct from Vicksboro’ Records, 15 Chippenham Road, London. W9 2AH. UK. The price is £12 Sterling. To order, please use Paypal account

I am no longer accepting Cheques in any currency other that pounds sterling.


The new Waydown Album, Greek Street due out in October, is dedicated to the memory of Rod Price and Bruce Langsman.

At the end of March 2005 we heard the sad news that Rod Price had died at his home in New Hampshire. A week later Bruce Langsman, who succeeded Rod in the Shakey vick Blues Big City Band, had also died in London.

Bruce was the guitarist in the “Little Woman You’re So Sweet” album For Pye and Janus. Later, he joined Mel in the UK Band The Nighthawks. He also later gigged occasionaly with Shakey and Bernie Pallo as a trio. Both guitarists are a great loss to us all.