I’m currently trying to sort out Paypal as a way of making buying cds easier. Hope to get it sorted soon.

The New Album & more about Chris

The new Shakey Vick album will be available on Widespace Records, (also available via Vicksboro Records). It features three songs by Chris Youlden, including an alternative take, making four Youlden tracks as well as six other tracks by Shakey Vick and bassist Jim Mercer, with guests including Alan Glen etc.

The other news is that Chris is making recovery again, albeit slowly.

Bad news about Chris

Unfortunately, Chris Youlden’s condition has suffered a setback, with another strain of pneumonia filling his lungs with fluid. New antibiotics should improve things in three or four days, and hospital staff are trying to clear his lungs again, but he is once more heavily sedated.

Good News!

The good news is that Chris is now happy to welcome visitors, though he can only communicate through writing at present. He read the various well-wishes via email and was surprised and pleased. Let’s hope the progress continues. I thank you all for your support.