The Beat goes on.

The outdoor gig at the co-op in North Kensington with Gordon Smith managed to avoid rain though not wine… or beer or cider come to that. Various states of hippydom graced the evening, but thankfully no outdoor free love or nudity caught my attention. Actually it was a cross-section of modern co-op living, with age, or youth, no barrier to belonging. I suppose I shouldn’t emphasise the word modern in that last sentence. This paragraph seems to be meandering, rather than progressing…maybe the hippydom is catching. I always considered myself pre-hippy or beat, to be honest. Such self-delusion leads us into strange paths, but I did get home eventually, at five thirty in the morning. Continue reading

Sitting in…

Last week’s gig at the Inn On The Green went well with a couple of guests sitting in. There were also a couple of guests who had intended to sit in but in the end had to leave before they had the chance. It wasn’t down to something I said…or didn’t say! Continue reading

Drowning not Waving

What a great way to end the month of July…my car needed a new tax disc and also needed an MOT certificate. It got neither. It failed the MOT test in a big way. The cost of repairs would have been over £800 but as the car is no longer worth that much I decided to have it put down. This was much easier than I expected…no big emotional drama like it was when I had my dog put down, just a sense of inevitability, really. At least I didn’t have to pay for a new tax disc. Continue reading

Out and about

It’s been a bit quiet on the gig front this month, or to put it another way, we’ve only had one gig. Unfortunately I’ve had to compensate by getting out more. Some people seem to have got the idea that what I mean by getting out is getting drunk. It doesn’t necessarily follow. In fact I never ever set out to get drunk, though it sometimes does happen as a consequence of my getting out more often.
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The games afoot!

Seems like I’ve had nothing to write about the last month or so. Actually I had decided to be polite for a while, but I realise now that that was a temporary aberration. It must have been a mineral deficiency, or would it be a mental deficiency? You decide for yourselves. So, back to the empty page!
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To Dither Or Not To Dither

The gig at the King’s Head Theatre pub on Monday the 2nd of June was fortunately free of over-enthusiastic dancers. This did not induce me to dance myself. I’m sure everyone there would have been relieved had they even thought that I might have contemplated it. Actually someone did ask me if I danced at all. I think he has been conditioned to believe that live music has to have musicians who dance. He’s been watching too much television.
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