Recent Reviews for the “Greek Street” album:

“…What else do you need to know? Early sixties British rawness and enthusiasm, though tempered with a musicianship that has refined over 40 years. These guys have centuries of experience between them. In short if you have any interest in the UK blues scene of the last half century, this is for you.” Norman Darwen, Blues Art 2006-03-30.

“…Stylish veterans of the scene and fronted by Shakey Vick’s customary rough-edged harp and Savoy Brown star Chris Youlden on guitar and richly growled vocal. Chris sounds haunted and haunting, as only he can. The overall band sound is pretty much Delmark with a tinge of Sue records. Masters at work, you’d better believe it.” Pete Sargeant, Blues Matters.

“…From start to finish we are treated to English bluesmen playing stunningly emotionally moving blues from the heart. If you weren’t there the first time round, get this and find what it was all about; and what you’re still missing.” Brian Harmen, Blues In The South.

“…Unlike a lot of Brit-Blues outfits around, Waydown actually play ‘real’ blues (i.e. NOT rock-blues) and I have to say this CD came as a very pleasant surprise. Harpist Shakey Vick and guitarist Chris Youlden share vocals. The material is firmly in the Chicago blues tradition without resorting to covers of tried and tested old warhorses and lovers of good old 1960s British blues are sure to want this CD. Recommended if this is your thing.” Phil Wight, Blues & Rhythm.