Here’s one we made earlier

Met Mel Wright for a drink at the Blue Boar just behind the 100 Club the other day and took delivery of the live recording Cd’s “!00 Club Boogie.” I guess I’ll have to put it on the recordings page and perhaps in the pictures section too. As it was recorded about twenty years ago I used an older picture of me on the cover. I’ve used it before on the “Night After Night” album and it reminds me of when my hair had more colour and less grey. We will officially launch it on April 9th.

That is coincidentally the date when we meet up with some friends of the late guitarist Bruce Langsman. He was the guitarist on the recording and his brother Rex organises an annual get together of friends and former colleagues. Mel and I will be attending as will Wolfie Witcher, I believe. Unfortunately another musician involved on the recording, Ron Skinner who was the bass player and vocalist, won’t be able to attend because he’s pretty ill and is waiting for his health to improve before he can begin cancer treatment.

Another of my musician friends is again undergoing treatment too. Bernie Pallo, the current guitarist with my band has had to resume chemotherapy. He isn’t in the best of health after getting jaundice. Here’s hoping he’ll be out and about soon. He wasn’t on the live recording though he has played the 100 club with me many times. One of the early gigs was supporting Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, as he reminded me the other day. That must have been way back but I can’t remember just how far. No I don’t think it’s senility just yet.