Further on down the Road

I went to the Round Midnight gig of Mike Pigott and as it was the first time I’d been there, I was a bit disappointed when Gigi and I walked in, as there weren’t many people there. However despite the Tube Strike and the heavy rain, the place began to fill up. I sat in for a few numbers too, so I enjoyed the place. It is still a proper pub but it is also a good music venue so two for the price of one. I’ll definitely be going back.

Further on down the road, we played at the Oval in East Croydon last thursday  which is being sold though things are a bit in the air at the moment. The staff were all a bit down about it but they still did a great job. In fact they even put together a band for a special tribute evening for Graeme the boss there. Graeme is quitting to spend more time with his young family, but that doesn’t mean he’s quitting the music scene entirely. He still has plenty of ideas and when I asked him if he would manage my band he agreed straight away and we shook hands on it. More to follow on that one. Sam Kelly will be playing there on Sunday, but that may not be the last gig.

Another place that is under threat is the Wenlock Arms which as I’ve mentioned before is a great pub as well as a great music pub. There’s quite a campaign getting under way to try to save it including support from the real ale enthusiasts Camra. Let’s hope it works. You can register support on the following website: http://savethewenlock.blogspot.com/

Sunday we’ll be back at the Inn on the Green again and I’m looking forward to that one, not least because the band was in cracking form at the Oval and I can’t wait to get in the groove again. Dino is back in the country and replaces Pete Miles on drums and Bernie Pallo replaces Al Vincent on guitar. Both Pete and Al were on top form and my thanks to both of them.