I must be getting old

I have a slight problem. I think I’m missing out on something. I’ve just had my seventy-third birthday and I’m still waiting for the mid-life crisis. What’s going on? Must be something in the water. Now a little voice in my head pipes up and says it’s more likely something in the booze. Whatever! Now, where was I before I rudely interrupted myself? Oh yes, my birthday. For all of you who meant to send cards but didn’t, it was actually on the second of October. But do I care. Yes!

As it happens I celebrated it in Thailand: well in fact Gigi celebrated it more than I did, I reckon. That may have had something to do with the proximity of the beach bar to the beach. Sounds logical, the proximity bit, I mean. Needless to say, under her influence I was persuaded to do things I’ve never done before – wear shorts, sandals without socks, indulge in massage – you know the drill. Perhaps I am experiencing a mid-life crisis after all.

About the massage on the beach; I found it quite relaxing except when the masseuse reached the top of each thigh. Then I realised that I wasn’t quite as relaxed as I perhaps should have been. As Gigi was on the next masseuse bed to mine, I had to behave myself. However when I had to turn over and lie on my back, the masseuse quickly threw a towel over my midriff. This happened on each occasion. What was that all about?

The beach bar had three “Happy Hours” between midday and midnight, each consisting of two hours long. I make that “Happy Six Hour” myself, but who’s counting. It did mean that we tended to organise our days around those vital time slots. The swimming in the sea or hotel pool, followed by the sun burning – no I don’t mean sun-tanning – on the beach, all had to be synchronised with “Happy Hour“. It wasn’t that difficult though. In fact it was remarkably easy so that we even made a few trips into town and to a few local visitor attractions.

But enough of nostalgia. Now we are back I hear that there is both good news and bad news. The Oval Tavern in East Croydon is apparently going to continue with music, so the new owners deserve support in their endeavour. The bad news is that the 100 club in London’s Oxford Street looks like it‘s closing. Bernie Pallo our guitarist says that there was an article in The Independent newspaper whilst I was away about the closing of the club. I have spent many a night gigging or promoting there or just propping up the bar. It’ll be a great shame to see it go.

The regular gig at the Inn on the Green is on Sunday October seventeenth this month – next week in fact. The line-up is Chris Youlden, vocals and guitar, Bernie Pallo, guitar Jim Simpson, vocals and double bass, Dino Coccia, drums and myself. The usual suspects, I guess. I’ll see if the holiday has re-invigorated me. To those people who contacted me recently, I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

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  1. Graham-
    In London from 19th through 28th November. Am praying (no, begging) for a Shakey / Chris gig during one of those w/e….Don

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