Going to the country

A week or so ago, Gigi and I went to stay with some old friends of mine in Kent. There was a gig at a local pub and another friend of mine, fiddle player Mike Piggot, was playing in a trio. I was invited to sit in for a few numbers and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mike is an amazing player and has worked with me in the past on guitar as well as fiddle. He’s due to do a gig at Round Midnight in London on September 6th so I intend to be there. The country air meant that we slept in until 11am the next day…or was it the wine?

Yesterday, just before we went to the Notting Hill Carnival, Graeme, from the Oval Tavern in East Croydon, phoned to book the band so I look forward to that too as this is my favourite blues venue. At the carnival, we hung around Gaz Mayall’s regular sound system and dug his band The Trojans. set. We stuck around for some great dj- ing afterwards too. Jump jive swing mixed with great Reggae. We’ll drop by there today probably also. We ended up at the Inn on the Green later then strolled home. There didn’t seem to be so many people there yesterday but no doubt the weather kept some away. I expect there will be larger crowds today.