Let the good times roll

The gig at the Inn, on the third Sunday in July, was cancelled at the last moment because of a break-in overnight. The police were  there all day, so the club remained closed. I tried to warn the band to save them a journey, but wasn’t too successful. I managed to get hold of the drummer before he left home, just after he’d finished loading his car, of course. The bassist was just about to load his car, so I had some success, but unfortunately I couldn’t get in touch with the guitarist until he was almost at the venue. He turned around and went back home but I had to wait for Chris Youlden at the venue because I couldn’t get hold of him, as he’d already left also.

When he arrived, we decided to go to the Metropolitan for a consolation drink or two, which quickly turned into more than one or two, because we were sitting in the garden when T-Bone Taylor and his partner Andre caught up with us. They had gone down to the  Inn On The Green for the gig.  Another friend also turned up a few minutes later, also bound for the gig so we were able to save her a journey Then my partner Gigi joined us, so we continued the consolation. Once we’d finished that business, Chris started his journey home and the rest of us moved on to The Skiddaw. So ended a disappointing evening.

I’ve been to a couple of jams since then, the first of which was a bit quiet but the following one was busier and I managed to get myself on early for a change. This meant I could get away early too, but surprise, surprise, only as far as the Skiddaw for last orders. On the Friday in between the jams, I met Gigi and a couple of her friends at the annual V&A “Village Fete” This was very busy  and there were plenty of fun stalls, which kept my companions happy. The bar kept me happy too, so a good time was had by all.

Yesterday Chris, Mel Wright and I, met up with Bernie Pallo in Soho for the first time since Bernie’s cancer treatment began. It was good to see him out and about again, though he has to undergo some more intervention radiotherapy during the next couple of weeks. We wish him well. He won’t be able to do the next gig and we await the outcome of this treatment before we’ll know whether he’s up to re-joining the band in time for the August Inn on the Green gig, which is on the 16th. Let’s hope he’s well enough to make it back by then. Meanwhile Al Vincent will dep for him at the Oval in East Croydon on the 6th. I’ll go down there by train, thanks to my freedom pass. Ah the consolations of old age.