Let's have a party

I did a trio gig last Sunday with Alan Vincent and Tony Bell on guitars. Having persuaded Al to bring along his PA, I arrived to find that there was in fact a house PA . The playing area could be described as small but beautifully formed, but as it wasn’t beautifully formed, just small, I won’t say it was. In fact we set up behind the piano and I managed to stand in the doorway. Luckily there was no fire so I couldn’t be accused of blocking the fire exit.

When I say there was no fire, that was true but of course (of course) the music was hot. The gig was really enjoyable and so was the pub, The Wenlock Arms. A proper pub with lots of beers and the audience were appreciative, when they weren’t being rude. Even one of the  bar staff  joined in the repartee. She had wondered earlier whether Shakey Vick was a heavy rock band or a bunch of old codgers with Parkinsons disease. I told her she got it right the second time.

Other people had told me the pub was well worth a visit and they were right. We expected to start at three o’clock but the governor said that the start time was four o’clock. As it was Al Vincent’s birthday and he was expecting to finish earlier or miss his meal, the governor agreed to alter the start time. This merely reinforces my perception that the pub is a great one.  I recommend a visit.

Wednesday night I went to the jam at Inn on the Green after attending a street party in Knightsbridge with some friends. Actually they attended it before me and could be described as under the influence when I arrived. To be honest I was informed that they were under my influence, me being such a wonderful ladies man and all that. Incidentally I arrived late because I’d stopped for a couple of pints at a nearby pub. This may have influenced my understanding  as well as theirs.