Back to business

It’s some time since I wrote anything here and I have to admit to being busy doing other things, but I won’t say too much about that as it could make some people jealous especially if they’ve given up on sex, or worse still, sex has given up on them. If this sounds like I’m boasting, I am, live with it. OK, that’s the fantasy bit done with, back to reality.

To be honest, I have been busy, but most of it has been pleasurable so you don’t need to know about it. Last month’s Inn On The Green gig saw the return of gutarist Bernie Pallo to the band after his successful cancer therapy and he played with his usual zest and style. We had to borrow an amp from Gordon Smith, who was at the gig. Thanks Gordon. T-Bone Taylor also turned up and sat in towards the end of the final set, enabling Chris Youlden to do what he does best, put a song over brilliantly with his unique voice. Jim Mercer and I also made our vocal contributions at various times during the evening. Three for the price of one you could say, except that the gig was free so it’s three for the price of none. We will be back there again this Sunday, 20th September.

Corin Stone is in the process of doing a film about the blues around the Grove and will be finishing off my contribution with a filmed interview next Saturday, so I’ll have to try to overcome the hint of Altzheimer’s or al;coholism and remember something about my doings and misdoings. More about those later.