Must be getting old

We had another fine gig at the Oval Tavern in East Croydon. Chris Youlden was in better voice than ever, according to Graeme, the bar manager. I agreed with him as I’ve always thought that Chris was the best blues singer to come out of Britain. I know from the continuing emails I get from Europe and the States that I’m not alone in that assessment.

I went down to the gig by train, which could have induced me to drink more than normal, but as I haven’t  yet found out what normal  is, I couldn’t really have made any accurate judgement, or maybe my judgement was clouded by alcohol. I’m getting confused here, aren’t you?

When it was time to take a break (from gigging, not from drinking) I mentioned over the microphone that as we were all getting on a bit, we needed to take time out.  One intrepid member of the band (we know who you are) had the temerity to point out that I was much older than the rest of them. I was forced to agree because, as I told them, I knew their mothers. Make of that what you will.

Anyway, to continue…as Diz Watson’s congo player was celebrating his 80th Birthday at the The Oval on the following Sunday, I somehow found myself travelling down there again, but this time accompanied by a friend who also likes to drink. I know her mother too but don’t try to make anything out of that. The music was great as was to be expected and I can’t recommend this venue enough. Diz’ s band is a cracker. He told me afterwards that he’s doing an album launch at 100 Club on Oxford Street later on. This is another of my old haunts and I will almost certainly be there then. Isn’t old age great? Don’t answer that question unless you’ve been there…