I went to the jam at Inn On The Green last Wednesday night, only to find that it wasn’t on, due to a double booking oversight. As my regular gig there is also off this month, I was wondering if there was a hidden message in all this. If there is, then there’s probably a hidden answer too, so I guess I’ll never know. Mind, I did have a little temper tantrum myself last time I was at the jam. Must have been something I drank.

The Muddy Waters memorial gig at the Oval Tavern East Croydon was really well attended and the evening was a great success. Congratulations all round. There were quite a few photographs take by various people and I’ve seen a few thanks to the wonder of email attachments. I’m in some doubt as to whether the pictures of me were well intentioned, or perhaps someone is trying to tell me that I’m losing my youthful good looks at last. As if I needed to be told.

This Saturday I’ll be on my doorstep as we’re gigging at the Windsor Castle. Apart from myself, the line-up is Chris Youlden on guitar and vocals, Alan Vincent on guitar, Tony Bell on bass and vocals and Pete Miles on drums. Bernie Pallo, our other guitarist, is undergoing radio and chemotherapy so once again Al Vincent is stepping in. I might even get some of the family along, Could be an expensive evening. I think I’m looking forward to it…