Video and us

One of Muddy Waters’ sons, Mud Morganfield, gigged with Big Joe Louis and his Blues Kings up in Kilburn recently. I went along with Jon T-Bone Taylor and Gordon Smith and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The guy really looked like Muddy though he didn’t play guitar. The band supported him brilliantly and I’m glad I went along. It took me back to the early sixties, even though the guys would have been in short pants then.

I have been going regularly to the jam on Wednesdays and we went back to the Windsor Castle for the Saturday night gig. There were more people there this time and we’re booked back again in May. More bands are getting booked there now and it is good to see things picking up as we need all the new venues we can get. Someone reminded me that they saw Billy Boy Arnold performing there with the Ground Hogs. That would have been about thirty years ago or more. It was a good music pub then, so who knows how it will develop now. Mind, they could do with updating their website, which still advertises strippers. That occurred long after the music had finished, when the pub was in decline, so no-one should get too get excited.

When we did the Sunday gig at the Inn on The Green, Tony Bell, who runs the jam there, came along and made a video recording of the proceedings. He has put four tracks down on Youtube and they can now also be viewed on this website. Just click on the video link on the left and be suitably entranced, or however it takes you. If it drives you to drink then I’ll probably run into you in some bar or other. I’ve no doubt you’ll be able to blame it all on me, but try not to be too boring. That’s it for now and I haven’t even mentioned politics…