Drinking Beer

Chris Youlden and I met for a drink last week. It turned out to be a long session as we hadn’t met for months. He is still having problems with his ankle but it isn’t going to get any better and will require regular dressings and the fortnightly attention by a visit to the doctor’s surgery. He is able to get around again so that’s a plus. He is in good enough spirits on the whole and it was agreeable to meet up again.

It is a while ago now that I went to a Jon T-bone Taylor jazz gig but although the group played well the beer was awful and the audience were rowdy for the wrong reasons. Even a jazz version of “Danny Boy” didn’t do the trick for the most noisy, but it’s good to see some live music in the area. Shame about the beer. No wonder it was so cheap.

However I do meet up with Jon from time to time on Monday night at a really good beer tavern where the beer is on special offer at £3 a pint that particular day and well up to scratch. This of course is the Grand Union on the canal on the corner of Woodfield Road and Great Western Road. The background music is better the average, so that is also a bonus.

One thought on “Drinking Beer

  1. Popped into the Prince of Wales to watch the Chelsea game and had a decent pint and a half of Old Nutty Hen. Went to the Chip earlier but their Doom Bar tasted like it had been hanging around too long (I am reliably informed that barrels should be changed every three days). The problem seems to be that everyone else drinks lager.

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