Ain’t that the blues

A few weeks ago, being at a loose end one evening, I decided to go and catch some live blues, so after some deliberation I chose ‘ain’t nothing but…’in Soho as a suitable place to queue for a drink. There was some enjoyable piano playing early on and then Jimmy C and his band started their first stint. They are one of those bands who seem to have a good rapport with the audience and I found it interesting and enjoyable. Then duty called and I went and joined Gigi who’d been out at a birthday party, which she didn’t enjoy. Ain’t that the blues.

My next excursion was to do a twenty minute spot at The Castle in Portobello Road with a trio of blues musicians known as Eddy and the Wild Dice. We were supposed to do twenty minutes but ended up doing an hour and finishing off the evening. We’ll be there again tonight, (Friday 4th May) at ten o’clock so that’ll keep me off the street for a while.

I also had a little outing to the Hideaway in Streatham for the Muddy Waters memorial get-together. It was good to run into Big Joe Louis, who opened the evening’s proceedings in his usual inimitable style. He was then followed by the house band and assorted guests. I was one of those guests but I’m not exactly sure how assorted I was. Anyway I did a couple of numbers and thoroughly enjoyed it. All I need now is some gigs. Ain’t that the blues.