No time like the old times

Last Friday I went to the Castle in Portobello Road where there was an evening of live music with various performers. I was called up to do a few numbers and will be back there soon, though not this Friday as I’ve got other plans. I’m hoping to get together with Eddy, a young bluesman I’ve met a few times. He plays guitar and harp in a rack and sometimes busks on the ‘bello. However he recently got mugged and got a broken Jaw for his troubles so singing and playing are out of the question at present. I wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back working solo or with his band.

A couple of days ago I received the publicity layout for the Blues Attic Revisited Festival in Banbury in September. It looks good and there is already interest in the event which takes place in two venues, with a great variety of  blues acts lined up.It will be good to catch up with Mick Clarke and Steve Smith among others. I’m looking forward to it.

I went to meet Chris Youlden yesterday and he gave me a list of answers to an online interview for Dave Peverett’s son Jason which I’ve got to type up to send in email form. The resulting interview will be on Jason’s website the Peverett Phile. The answers led to much reminiscing about the old times in the early sixties. This in turn proceeded to the idea that we should write it all down while we can still remember it. We even thought about a joint online book of some kind. As Mel Wright is more of an archivist than either of us, perhaps we should include him in the project should it ever get off the ground. Perhaps we could call it Autobiograthree?