Did this really happen?

I keep getting reminded that I haven’t entered anything here lately, so I’d better get my finger out. I went down to the Oval in East Croydon for the annual Muddy Waters remembrance gig and did a couple or three numbers with Chris Youlden on vocals along with the house band. Apparently I also got up for the finale but I have no recollection of that. I am assured by Gigi that that was so, but whilst I gradually recovered some of the memory of how we got home, the finale still eludes my hardly overworked brain.

The strange thing is that I remember the rest of the evening with various guests getting on stage after Giles Hedley opened each set with his great solo performance. I even remember being persuaded by drummer Sam Kelly that we should do a funk version of a Muddy song. No I don’t remember which one it was but I think it was “Make Love To You” with Chris singing. Not quite how either of us had envisioned it but you have to cater for the younger musician I suppose.

What else do I remember? Oh yes the after-gig drinks with Graeme and the Staff, and of course Gigi nursing a half bottle of wine on the journey home. Also I remember wondering where Chris had disappeared to at the Station. It turns out that he’d gone in search of the toilet on another platform and just got to our platform as the train pulled out with Gigs and I on board. He assured me later that the East Croydon waiting room is a well lit and reasonable place, as he’d had to wait there for an hour for the next train. He should try it in winter…as I’ve done on too many occasions.

Another thing I completely forgot was that I had agreed to turn up at the Cyril Davies tribute night at the Crawdaddy club in Twickenham. Apparently my presence was requested on stage but I don’t think I have to present a sick note, as Gordon Smith, Jim Mercer and Chris Youlden didn’t make it either. No, I don’t think it was a rebellion, nor were we negotiating a coalition. Oh dear, I’ve almost mentioned the election, which I have studiously avoided mentioning. Oh to Hell with it, I shall mention it. It serves you all right! As for a hung parliament, they should all be hanged. Finally, I haven’t yet mentioned the gig at the Inn on the Green. I shall do so in my next entry, alcohol permitting.

2 thoughts on “Did this really happen?

  1. Graham – was in touch with Steve York – reg. gigs in USA

    His reply was that the work visa situation has become almost impossible. Also he couldn’t reccomend any other agent etc. So perhaps we should send the cd to youur contacts in New York etc.

    The good news, is that the cover of Got Blues If Ya Wannit cd, has been changed to the one beige colour on the rails + any wrong credits revised.

    I should leave you the one’s I have to sell online.
    I’m playing at The Wenlock this afternoon with The Geoff Williams Trio – fine Jazz pianist. Come along if you are free.

  2. I can still remember the look on your face 20+ years ago when I suggested a funk-blues version of a 1950s Chicago classic :-)
    Jim Mercer spotted at Twickenham Cyril Davies tribute. Club was v busy: I looked at some online pics and saw a few mates that I didn’t see on the night.
    Slurp soon no doubt.

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