Chris Youlden and touring

It seems a long time since I wrote anything here, but the reality is that I wrote a long diary entry a week or so ago and promptly deleted it. I must have pressed something I shouldn’t have. As I’m often pressing people’s buttons and winding them up, this was obviously some kind of just retribution. Ah well. Of course by the time I’d finished writing the lengthy tome, it was almost closing time in the pub, which seemed justification for not rewriting the thing.

On New Year’s Eve I decided to ignore the blandishments of the various local pubs which were charging entry for the privilege of buying drinks while having to listen to DJs and instead opted for the nearest pub to me which happens to be the Windsor Castle fifty yards away. Entry was free, the booze was cheap and there was a live band on. The decision didn’t require a degree in Rocket Science, which, as it happens, I don’t possess, so I spent a much better evening than I had expected to do.

On the Friday I met up with Chris Youlden, Bernie Pallo and Mel Wright for our monthly business talk. By the time this was over, only Chris and I were left so we discussed the possibility of going abroad, to Europe or The USA for a few gigs, as things seemed too quiet here and the pound was sinking by the hour which in theory meant that people abroad could afford us at last. Of course the downside is that every country is in recession or panic of one, so I doubt if any gigs are likely to arise, but it‘s an idea. This seemed a logical conclusion to the debate, so we went home.

The following Wednesday I went to the jam at the Inn on the Green which was a bit sparse after Christmas and the new year celebrations. As it happens the Inn had been closed from Christmas Eve until Saturday the 2nd, because one of the staff had been fiercely beaten up by her so-called lover and was in hospital with a probable broken neck, back and various ribs. No one was in the mood to try to be festive. At present, we don’t know whether she will ever walk again. We just have to hope and wait. There will be a benefit night for her at the Inn in February and Mick Jones formerly with the Clash will be playing. Sound stuff.

On the Sunday we did our usual monthly gig at the Inn and Chris was again in fine form. In fact the whole band was on top form. Jon T-Bone Taylor sat in again, as did Carmen Carr and the crowd were up and dancing. Good Juke Joint stuff. On the Wednesday I got signed off by the heart doctor and celebrated in the evening at the Jam. On the Friday I went once more to the Windsor Castle and managed to get a gig there in February. We’re also booked again at the Oval Tavern in East Croydon so perhaps the recession will be good for us. Well, I can fantasise.

4 thoughts on “Chris Youlden and touring

  1. Graham and Chris:
    If you come to the USA I can certainly offer to put you both up in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. If you want me to explore gig possibilites, I can do that. I have good contacts at small clubs. Don Ad;er
    mobiloe 201 709 1732

  2. Graham and Chris,

    Was there ever more reason to kick out the blues than now? Minneapolis/Saint Paul would sure relish some of that old funk, as well as that sublime crooning that only masters and legends such as yourselves can provide. I sure could provide a place to stay, and am volunteering to do some footwork at the clubs if ever you’re interested in coming to the hinterlands of the USA again in the future. I sure hope that some North American dates materialize, and I look forward to seeing you all groove in person, up close, and LIVE!!!

  3. I could get a lot of folks to come down to see you guys if you were to play in manhattan. Chris Youlden has a lot of fans here!

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