Mighty Long Time

Had a reasonable gig at the Inn on the Green last time. Jon T-Bone Taylor sat in on guitar for a few numbers, as did Carmen Carr on vocals. Gordon Smith also turned up out of the blue but declined to sit in, nevertheless it was good to see him. His Blue Horizon albums are being brought out by Mike Vernon, along with some new stuff which he’s recording. He’s also got an album coming out on Tone I’m led to believe. This includes some of the Blues Puppies I think. They included one of our tracks from the “Got Blues If You Wannit” album. Yes that one that is taking so long to finalise.

Chris Youlden tells me that Mike Vernon wants him to write a couple of songs that Sherman Robertson might use on a forthcoming album. Incidentally Chris was in fine form last time we did the Inn gig. No longer content just to sit and play guitar behind the vocals, but actually up and moving around. It’s showtime again folks. When you consider that he was at death’s door six months ago, it is great that he has made such progress. Now all we need are some other gigs.

On the following Wednesday I sat in with the blues jammers at the Inn on the Green. There were a few more people again, I‘m pleased to report, though there was a distinct lack of a drummer early on. This was rectified by both the lead guitarist and the bassist covering until relief arrived. Such versatility…I knew I should have kept on with the recorder. Is this where I went wrong? We’ll see what tonight brings. Yes I am inexorably drawn to the place. In fact it’s time I got my drinking boots on….