Are you sitting comfortably?

On Monday I eventually found my way to the Blues Puppies launch in Wandsworth. I say eventually but it was via the Inn on The Green, for a quick visit and then Finch’s for another quick visit. Unfortunately a couple of miscreants came in and what was going to be a quick drink, turned into an afternoon and evening session. I did manage to get home, pick up a couple of harps and wend my way to Trinity Road by way of Clapham Junction.

The usual suspects were there in all their glory and I realised that I was one of them. I also realised that I was probably drunk. Notwithstanding…nor with falling, I did manage a couple of numbers with the band, before returning to the relative safety of an armchair Later Jon Taylor and I got a lift with Dino Coccia to a number 23 bus stop, whence we were almost immediately whisked away by omnibus. We were dropped within five minutes’ walk of Harrow Road, courtesy of a helpful bus driver.

On Wednesday I went to the blues jam at the Inn. It was quieter than the previous week which meant I got called upon more than I intended, but most things in my life are unintended, so this was no sweat.

On Friday I went to the doctor’s to get some antibiotics for a nagging gum infection, but he did warn me not to drink alcohol as this particular drug would make me very sick. As I was meeting Jessica, my elder daughter for a drink after the doctor’s surgery I decided to postpone the start of the drug course.

I met Jess at the nearest pub which happened to be the Station Tavern of Bob’s Goodtime Blues days. She was due to go to work at seven but as the time approached she became less and less reluctant to bother so we decided instead to go and embarrass her two eldest sons who were at the Elgin on Ladroke Grove, apparently singing Karaoke. As it turned out, only one of them, Ben the eldest, was there so we embarrassed him double time. I explained to him that I found it embarrassing that anyone in my family was singing Karaoke. He didn’t sing while we were there, fortunately. Jess and I decided it was all too boring so we walked around to the Inn, where we had a few more.

Saturday I went to the Inn as there were a bunch of friends playing. Afterwards, I left in time to reach the Skiddaw, where I joined a few other friends for last knockings. A guy behind me fell off his stool and was helped back onto it by his mates. Then a glass of booze hit the floor behind me so I politely suggested he get a grip. It turned out not to be his fault, so I apologised for my politeness. Then he fell off his stool twice more and as we were now on good terms I suggested to his friends that they should put him on a chair he couldn’t fall out of. They then left for some reason. Now I shall get ready for tonight’s gig at the Inn where no doubt I will run into one or two more drunks. It’s nice to know we’re not alone.