Save the last Dance for me

Went for a drink with Chris Youlden a couple of weeks ago. He is more mobile than he has been for a while and he only visits the surgery once a month now. He still has to do leg exercise and spends about half an hour doing the dressing on his leg which is a bit of a chore, but he is enjoying the improvement and has also shaken of the flu-like symptoms he was suffering from. I’ll be meeting with him soon.

The gig this Friday at the Squirrel pub on the corner of my road starts at 8.30pm and the band consists of Alan Vincent and Jon T-bone Taylor on guitars, Steve Taylor on Bass, Mel Wright on drums and myself on vocals and harp. Details are in the events section of this site. Looking forward to it. The Squirrel has a new manager and things are picking up again. My God I even participated in a Salsa class there. Mind, it seems to be hindering my normal way of dancing, the style I don’t do on stage. Aren’t you pleased…

One thought on “Save the last Dance for me

  1. Please convey my regards and best wishes to Mr. Youlden – I was just corresponding with friend John who remembers him but strangely not the night in 1969 at the Eastown in Detroit where he took me for my hardwire introduction to serious blues/rock by Savoy Brown, an event scribed happily into my brain – and ears – ever since.

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