Catch Up

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here which doesn’t mean I’ve been having the time of my life, just that I’ve been remiss. No change there then. However…on New Year’s Eve I went to the Chippenham, to hear the Johnny Nikki Band and they were on the case. A good crowd saw the new year in and I believe I was relatively sober though there were no relatives around to confirm that. I returned to the Chip a few weeks later to catch the Pete Duke band and again enjoyed myself.

I’ll be there again this Friday but with my own band. The line-up is Alan Vincent on guitar, Mel Wright drums, John Lewis, piano, Jim Mercer, bass and vocals and myself. Jon T-Bone Taylor has agreed to come along on guitar also so we should be on the ball, though not the snooker table. I managed to give the wrong post code for the Chippenham in the gig listing. It is 207 Shirland Road, W9 2EX and the gig is due to start at 9pm.

As for the other pub crawling, I recently met Dino Coccia for a drink at the Churchill Arms in Church Street Kensington and the place was heaving. Dino posted a pic or two on his website. I appear remarkably sober in them, which is not always the case. Last night I went for a drink at the Grand Union on the canal by Woodfield Road, with Jon T-Bone, Eddie G and Neil and then strolled home. The Union was hectic on account of a birthday party. They have a regular beer promotion at three pounds a pint on Mondays and the beer it tip top. Naturally I go there quite often on Mondays, doing my bit to enjoy the recession. Oh sorry, it’s supposed to be over. Tell that to all those unfortunate people still inundated with flood damage.

On a lighter note, I have been joining Jim Mercer in the Ella Speed band on alternate Tuesdays at The Alley Cat in Denmark Street. I will be there again tonight at six o’clock, the “happy hour“. No doubt I will end up nearer to home at the Squirrel afterwards. C’est la vie…