Ho Ho Ho…

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Youlden, Mel Wright and I met for a drink. Last time we met, neither Chris nor Mel were drinking. I’m glad to say that when I arrived, late of course, they both had drinks in front of them. Suddenly, I felt I was in the right pub. Mel is engaged in writing another part of his Hastings trilogy, so he brought us up to date with that. Chris is on the mend, though there are setbacks from time to time. His leg swelling had eased somewhat though the skin eruptions continue. He has to go to the hospital twice a week at present. He’s hoping to be well enough to do the gig at the Chippenham in February. Let’s hope the treatment continues to work and that he can join us.

A few day’s later, I did a gig with Jim mercer’s band Ella Speed at The Magic Garden (formerly The Secret Garden) in Battersea Park Road.  It’s an interesting pub, and is set up for music well enough, with a stage and lighting, a sound system. and an engineer. It also has an appreciative crowd of regulars, so it has all the makings of a great gig. It also has regular events and has been going great guns for a few years now. I certainly enjoyed the place and the gig.

As for today, I’ve got the turkey in the oven and the kids, grandkids and great grandkids are coming around later so another enjoyable family gathering is underway. I merely start proceedings and Gigi, Jessica and Elinore do all the donkey work. I have just given a friend a lift to do his meals-on-wheels Christmas deliver and will pick him up after he finishes when he will join us for the meal. As for New year’s eve, The Johnny Nikki Band is on at the Chippenham so I shall catch them there. Incidentally, our gig there is on the 21st February at 9pm and it is free, so I hope to see a few people there too. The first of the family are ringing the doorbell right now, not a jingle bell one, but time to wish everyone a happy Christmas. Enjoy yourselves!