Art and about…

The other day, I was stopped in the street by a couple of neighbours who recommended an art exhibition at a nearby canal-side church, St Mary Magdalene’s. They told me that the exhibition was well worth a look and also the vaults of the church where the exhibition was being held were really fantastic. Armed with this information, I duly persuaded  my partner Gigi to pay a visit with me. We were not disappointed.

As we arrived we ran into the artist, William Stevens, and had a brief word before entering. The works, “The Drovers“, are based on the imaginary clash of 19th century cattle drovers entering modern day London. The artist had travelled in Central Asia where he had encountered a current culture similar to that of the old drovers of Victorian times. The result is a reflection on history, fantasy, and modern urban life on the streets. The exhibition is on until the 29th October from midday until 5pm. In addition, the vaults themselves are also spectacular. St Magdalene’s is a fine neo-Gothic church and somehow is a very appropriate setting for the display.

After the exhibition we went to the nearest bar, no surprise there, where we sat with our drinks under an awning beside the canal, watching the interloping Canada geese passing up and down, without, I hasten to add, the ushering of drovers. I was suddenly reminded of my first full-time job. I had worked on a dairy farm and on a few occasions I had indeed driven cattle through the streets of Hereford, from the Cattle Market to a farm on the banks of the River Wye, just outside town  I had completely forgotten these incidents. Must really be getting old.

On the subject of getting old, My annual birthday bash went really well, though there were some late arrivals who thought that the gig went on after 11pm. Well it did a bit, but not intentionally planned. I really enjoyed it and the audience was very appreciative. Once again I want to thank the band and the guest musicians. Photographer Tim Holt was in attendance and I’ve just received  his archive gallery of the event. You can access the photographs of the night on his website: