Nothing but a party

We are doing another gig at the Red Squirrel this Saturday the 29th June. The line-up will include Alan Vincent on guitar, Brian Diprose on bass and Neil Littman on drums. It happens to be the day after both Alan’s and Brian’s birthday, as they share the same birth date, so plenty of reason to party and celebrate. In addition, there will be a christening party on behalf of the son of one of the Squirrel staff, so, all in all, it seems like it’s going to be a fun gig. I of course will be my usual sober self.

On a less happy note, I recently had my computer hacked by some virus that takes the  contact names and email addresses and then sends out a load of rubbish adverts to unsuspecting recipients. I apologise that this has happened and hope it didn’t cause too many problems for other people, though I fear the worst in that respect.

Another computer problem is that I somehow deleted a message from a lady before answering it and the sender was not on my contact list and I can’t remember her name. The message concerned an inquiry about  the Little Woman You‘re So Sweet album and whether there were any Cd copies of it. In fact  there was a Cd issued by a German label. Surprise , surprise, I knew nothing about it until someone sent me a copy. The lady enquirer used to listen to her Dad playing the vinyl album when she was young and continued to listen to it as she grew up. I hope that she reads this and  get’s back in touch.

Recently, Gigi and I went for lunch al fresco at Cote Brasserie in St. Christopher’s  Place just off Oxford Street. We got some great service from a member of the staff named Albert, a Catalan, I believe. He was, later in the month, going to Yorkshire to assist in the opening of another branch, so I wish him well.  At the next table were  a father and son and we got talking. It turned out that they had both played cricket for Gloucestershire and in fact the father had played for Pakistan. He was the youngest of five brothers, four of whom all played for the national team He was Sadik Mohammed and we had a really enjoyable conversation.. It’s the sort of surprise encounter that you can get in London and I look forward to many more.