75th birthday party blues

So much for enjoying the fact that I had some more gigs. The reality is that the Chippenham gigs have now been cancelled after the manager departed at short notice. Rather than jump off the nearest tower block, I decided to move the gig on the 6th of October to the pub even closer to me in Chippenham Road. So my birthday blues celebrations will now be at The Red Squirrel at the junction of Elgin avenue and Chippenham Road, W9.

We’ll probably start the celebrations at about eight even though there may be an extension. That sounds like another alcoholic turbo boost.

The band will be Jon T-bone Taylor on guitar, Jim Mercer on bass and vocals, Pete Miles on drums and myself . Chris Youlden has confirmed he’ll be there too so a good night is a probable. So if anyone reading this knows anyone who’d intended to turn up at the Chippenham, please let them know of the change of venue.

Someone, possibly from Germany, as I think the name was Gerhardt, recently emailed me about buying two Cds, but it had gone into my spam box and when I tried to move it, it somehow got deleted. I then closed down the computer so the trash can got emptied too. Anyway, if that gentleman reads this, could he please email me again and I can apologise to him.

One thought on “75th birthday party blues

  1. Hi Graham, It’s been a long time! Good to see your Birthday gigs are still going strong! I’m still playing, though a serious illness a few years back, plus two kids (boys-Dylan, 6, and Alex, 3) has slowed me down a little! I’ve built a studio at home and I’m currently recording my 2nd solo CD. You can get a copy of the first, “Dollar Joe”, at http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/DavidNoall
    I hope to bring the family over next Summer (for my 50th!). Let’s get together then!

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