Christmas Time is here again…

About ten years ago I injured a shoulder whilst performing some vague sort of flexibility exercise in one of my less sensible moments. (Yes, I too, occasionally have them).and lately it’s been getting worse so a medical check up and ultrasound scan showed the problem to be a badly torn tendon. A couple of injections at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have done the trick. Well almost, because I did a bit too much dancing with Gigi, at a Meals on Wheels Christmas Dinner and Dance in Cricklewood, which undid some of the good. However it’s improved since. I just have to temper the dancing, I guess.

Talking about medical matters, a week ago I went to Wimbledon to meet Chris Youlden for a pre-Christmas drink. It turned out that a bad foot infection and swollen leg had obliged him to go on a heavy antibiotic regime which meant definitely no drinking. This meant that I had to drink for both of us, which, naturally, I endeavoured to do. I’m sure my doctor would have approved of my good intentions. Chris and I reminisced, without too much maudlin, about the early days when we did a few gigs with the late Dave Peverett and his brother. This was before Dave’s days with Savoy Brown and Foghat. Yes, the mention of Savoy Brown brought up a few interesting memories too. It’s good to see that Kim Simmonds is still going strong with the band. I then went up to Sloane Square to meet Gigi and some of her friends who had just been left a million pounds each And so to bed.


The perambulations continued for the next few nights with assorted parties and celebrations, My final outing was a couple of days ago when I met up with drummer Dino Coccia and his protégé Dean. We were joined by a friend of Dean’s who’d been living on the streets but was now on the up and was in fact helping others who were living rough. This was illustrated when we were about to part at Holborn tube station and he saw a homeless woman. He immediately decided to stay and help her. I gave him my loose change to do as he thought best for her. Ah, the spirit of Christmas and me an atheist. Despite that, I wish you all the Best for the Fest.