“Ain’t that the truth”

Gordon Smith, Jim Mercer and I did a gig at the Freston Road housing co-op, which brought back memories of the declaration of the Independent Republic of Frestonia. back in the day….shades of the movie “Passport To Pimlico”. The gig was in the garden of the co-op and there was a very good African band on earlier. I hadn’t sung since I lost my voice for about a month, so I wasn’t sure how it would go, but things turned out fine and I really enjoyed the gig and the whole evening. Jon T-Bone Taylor turned up too so he’s doing okay again after his illness.

The following Thursday I met with drummer Mel Wright at the Warwick Castle near Little Venice. This used to be one of my old haunts and it’s an easy place to meet as it‘s near a tube station. Mel and I discussed a few things from the past and he produced a disc copy of an old shellac we’d recorded in the early days. It had been at Ron Skinner’s flat which Mel had helped to clear after Ron’s death The two tracks were “Death Valley Blues” sung by me and “ Ain’t That The Truth” sung by Ron. Rod Price played the guitar and Mel played drums. It was recorded in 1966 I believe. Maybe it’ll be included on a future recording.

While we were talking about all this, guitarist Bernie Pallo walked into the bar. He had told me the day before that he might try to make it and was really good to see him given how much chemotherapy he has had. He’s been given the all clear but isn’t doing much at present because of the side effects. He will go back in six weeks for a follow up meeting. He has also been given a positive report on a possible heart problem so that is also good news.