Time Out

Nothing to be blue about at present except for the lack of gigs. True, I have got a private party gig on a riverboat in September. Hope the water’s not too cold, especially as Gigs and I have just come back from warmer climes in Mallorca. Not quite Thailand but a much shorter journey. Well not that short as we had to get to Gatwick at some god-forsaken hour of the morning to get an Easyjet flight and we had the same problem on the way back. However the actual holiday was greatly enjoyable…and greatly needed.

The hotel in Santa Posa that we were in was nothing to write home about but as we spent most of the time out of doors it was bearable. We found a great friendly family-run restaurant, bar, Jaira, www.rtejaira.com, where we ate most nights at very reasonable prices. The family have been running it for fifty years, at which time the place was undeveloped. Everything has changed over the years due to the tourist expansion. Even ten years ago there would have been flamenco dancing in the street, but that has long gone. We’ll definitely go back there.

On the way back each evening we called in at another place, JJ’s bar, where we finished off the evening, with a chilled out drink or three. The guy who ran the place was really on the ball and soon knew exactly what we wanted. We often strolled back to the hotel in the early hours. Worth another visit definitely.

We took one day off to meet our friend Stephanie in Palma and do a bit of exploring in the back streets of the Arab Quarter and the massive Cathedral. Even Stephanie, who has been to Mallorca many times, discovered things she’d never seen before. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, no I did not expose myself. A great al fresco meal with assorted buskers rounded off the evening. The bus travel both ways was a cruise with really good motorways cutting the journey time. We all agreed that we should be doing much more of this.

Of course there was a down side of all this carousing. I had decided a few days before we went, that I would try to lose some weight, with a slight change of diet and cutting out drinking. I lost a few pounds  but the holiday put paid to all that and returned  half a stone heavier than when I’d left. I’ve spent the last week on the wagon, watching Gigi sail on with wine consumption and the piss-taking. I’ve managed to lose half a stone so I think I can justify taking a drink again. As if I ever needed to justify that…