Leavin’ Blues

I managed to turn up late for Ron Skinner’s funeral and also had to go out before the ceremony finished as I wasn’t feeling too good. I managed to recover quite easily after going to the Catford Ram for the post-ceremony get-together, which was well attended. Tributes were paid By Mel Wright and Wolfie Witcher from the blues side of his life.

The ceremony went very well, with a diverse group of friends from all walks of Ron’s history. I hadn’t realised just how varied were both his leisure and his career interests, but the number of people present testified to Ron’s ability to make friends, whether at work or at play and it is hard to think that it could come to such a sad end.  At least on the blues scene he has left something for all who remember him performing, not least the live recording we all did together at London’s 100 club way back when. So he leaves us with plenty of memories.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I managed to get drunk but not maudlin’ at the Ram, as did a few others. Needless to say, Rex Langsman, the brother of the late guitarist Bruce, was one of the last two to leave. I was the other one. I don‘t think either of us were trying to stave off the inevitable.