Charity Gig

Tomorrow night, Saturday 7th August, I’m doing a gig with Gordon Smith, Jim Mercer and Dino Coccia in East Putney. It’s a charity gig in aid of a heart foundation and has been organised by George Taylor, who’s brother Geof died a year ago of heart failure. Geof was a regular at Bob’s goodtime blues at the Station tavern when that venues was thriving. He also acted as Gordon Smith’s manager for a time. It is hoped that other musicians will be performing so it should be a good evening.

The gig is at the Putney Club near East Putney Station. The address is 63 Upper Richmond Road SW15 2RD. According to the website the Putney Club has a refurbished old ballroom dance floor. All proceeds will go to a heart charity as the gig is a memorial to Geof. I hope the gig is a success for this reason.

Talking of refurbishment, the Inn on the Green is still closed but is due to re-open this weekend. It’ll be interesting to see what’s been done. We’re due to be back there ourselves for the gig on Sunday 15th August. Can’t wait. Our September gig there is due on the 19th, after which Gigi and I are taking a holiday break for a couple of weeks in Thailand. As neither of us has been there before it should be enjoyable. Of course if we end up arguing I may come back with a Thai. Just kidding Gigs.