I hear you knockin’

When we played at the Oval just over a week ago we got a warm enough response from the diminished audience; it seems that some of the regulars had absconded across the channel in support of Graeme and Sam Kelly’s little jaunt. In fact the absence of Graeme meant that Gigi and I got away quicker than usual. In fact we didn’t even take the train as we got a lift back with out dep bassman, Brian Diprose, who lives not too far away from us.

On the following Saturday I managed to back the Derby winner which gave me some cause to celebrate. Unfortunately I may have celebrated too much because by Monday I found that I had been barred from the Skiddaw, my nearest Maida Hill pub. Apparently one of our party had annoyed the deputy manageress. I wasn’t actually there at the particular time of the incident, having popped home with Gigs. When I returned I helped to finish off a bottle of wine and as it was one minute to midnight, ordered a round of shorts. The bar however was closed early, a particular feature when this particular manageress is in situ. In fact I was at the bar at about four minutes to and she deliberately walked away. Perhaps she didn’t like my new haircut.

The following Tuesday I was invited to the ballet at the Albert Hall. It was the dress rehearsal of Swan Lake and my first visit to ballet. I wasn’t sure about how I would enjoy it and was really surprised by how much I did. The visual spectacle was enhanced by the classical music and the dancing of the cast. I was much taken. So was wine.

I got called on the phone Monday to take a Westminster Meals on Wheels van to Whitechapel for repair on the following day.  I agreed and promptly forgot about it until Gigi asked me what time I was leaving next morning. I shot off without breakfast, no mean feat as I’m definitely a breakfast man. I picked up the van in Marylebone and crawled through the worst pollution in the country. Eventually I got to Whitechapel where they refused to take the van as it hadn’t been booked in the day before. On return to Marylebone, I was told that during my return journey, they’d organised another garage to deal with the repairs. Unfortunately this was in Hackney, which meant another traipse through the pollution.

I arrived eventually at the garage in Hackney, where, I’m pleased to say, I was not turned away, and waited while the van was repaired. Another crawl along the Marylebone Road making it the fourth time that day. To think I used to like driving. I got home too late to back three horses I’d fancied at Ascot which all won which just about made my day. I consoled myself with Brunch at four o’clock. Not much consolation. To make matters worse, today I backed three losers. Maybe I’m becoming one myself.

The gig at the Inn on the Green on Sunday 20th should go ahead unless I find myself turned away from there too. The line-up will be Chris Youlden, Jim Mercer, Dino Coccia, Alan Vincent and myself. As a matter of interest, Dino is launching a couple of Cd’s on the Note label next month at the 606 Club in Chelsea. Gigi and I turned up there two months ago, having got the date wrong (my fault as it happens). I was turned away from there too. I hadn’t changed my hairstyle then, though, so perhaps it wasn’t that. Ah well, I’d better continue the search for another boozer where I can drown my sorrows. I’ve tried three already, but none of them turned me away. It can’t all be bad.

3 thoughts on “I hear you knockin’

  1. Hi Shakey – Blake did get a new copy of Got Blues If Ya Wannit – to Paul Jones – he has done all the correct amendments this time!

    Hopefully, we will get a play on his show.
    See you at the Inn On The Green Gig Sunday.
    Cheers, Dino

  2. Just received an email from down under saltyblues.com

    He will be playing ‘Resolution Blues’ from Got Blues If Ya’ Wannit cd on his podcast show – tonight. Talk soon – Dino

  3. Forgot mention the cd Launch at 606 Club Chelsea on July 5th. Both my cd with Bob Haddrell -‘ A Shaded Spot’ + The Jazz Trio augmented with Art Theman sax & Robin Jones perc. ‘ Swung Drawn & Altered’. Nigel Price guitar – Pete Whittaker – Organ

    Should be a good night! Let me know if you are coming, so as to put your names on guest list. Mention it to Chris too. Jim Mercer will be there.

    Cheers, Dino

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