Sound and Soulful comments

The February gig at the Inn on the Green was as quiet as February gigs always are, but enjoyed by the afficianados, netherthe less. Afficianados? No that’s not another name for the band, you’ll be pleased to know.  We’ve been trying out a different PA System so maybe we can improve Chris’s vocal balance which one of you out there commented on. Hope we are getting it right.  We appreciate constructive feed back, so thanks to any of you that comment, especially when it’s polite.

Another of you also commented, at some length, about the demise of Les Enfants Terribles as told by Mel Wright. This  comment didn’t quite bring nostalgia rushing to the fore for me, but Maggs, you certainly made me wonder what sort of education you ended up with after all that truanting to pursue the pleasure of the dance at Les Enfants. Probably a much better education than me despite the partying, and I didn’t even get to dance. Thank you also for your comments.

Top Topham turned up at the Inn  gig and we got him up to play at the end. I ran into him by chance a while later at the Portobello Gold and  he said he would be coming down there again. As it happens, Bernie Pallo our usual Inn guitarist, is going to Marseilles to see his mother and won’t be available for the gig. so I asked Top if he was up for it and he agreed to replace Bernie on Sunday.

A while back, again by chance, I ran into Brian Neville who mentioned a rumour that the Wenlock Arms might be changing it’s musical policy, but as that’s not the case, I’m pleased to be going back there for a gig the following Sunday with the trio, consisting of myself, Jim Mercer and Dino Coccia. Jim will be playing some guitar which should add to the fun. It’s an early evening gig between four and seven. It’s a great pub though on the small side, but has a good selection of real ale and promotes plenty of good music. Hope to see some of you there.