Money Honey

We had a good turnout for our gig at the Windsor Castle last month and are looking forward to the next one. Tony Bell depped on bass; thanks again Tony. Carmen Carr came along and strutted her stuff, going down well. Even my daughter Elinore, who popped in for five minutes, stayed for the whole evening, and didn’t blame me next morning.

Of course Elinore used to stay for the whole evening when I gigged at Bob’s Goodtime Blues at the Station Tavern, or at the Caernarvon Castle in Camden, back in the eighties. Mind she was working behind the bar at the Station Tavern then and was also taking the bucket round for us each week at the Caernarvon, but at the Windsor Castle she just drank and didn’t work. She hasn’t even asked me to do her a favour yet, though I’m still on my guard.

The jam continues to bring in players at the Inn on the Green each Wednesday and there are even video clips on Youtube from various weeks…or at least there were, but I think Youtube is having an altercation with PRS about payment of song writing royalties and is pulling some if not all clips. Seems like a playground spat to me but of course money is involved and greed rears it’s ugly head. As this was on the news a day or so ago, it may have been resolved or not, by now, but I wouldn’t bank on it. Oh dear, did I mention banks in the same paragraph as money and greed? Well everyone else is getting on the bank wagon, so why not me?

The more observant among you will notice once again my penchant for pathetic puns. I’d probably find that last sentence a bit hard to say if I were drunk, but I have been remarkably sober for the last few weeks and I don’t feel any the worse for it. See how this credit crunch affects even people like me, who have been bouncing along the bottom for years. It’s all right, I can cope, but it’s getting a bit crowded down here!