Drowning not Waving

What a great way to end the month of July…my car needed a new tax disc and also needed an MOT certificate. It got neither. It failed the MOT test in a big way. The cost of repairs would have been over £800 but as the car is no longer worth that much I decided to have it put down. This was much easier than I expected…no big emotional drama like it was when I had my dog put down, just a sense of inevitability, really. At least I didn’t have to pay for a new tax disc.

The fun continued when I called in at the local council offices to reclaim six month’s parking permit rebate. No problem…form filled in correctly and a receipt given for the returned permit. Only one snag, the receipt stated that the money might take up to sixty days before it ended up in my bank account. I hadn’t realised that Westminster council had gone into the banking business. I did mention that I’d probably need another permit before the sixty days were up but though I detected commiseration in the clerk’s response, that was all I got. Hey Ho!

I decided to drown my sorrows last Sunday. This consisted of a visit to the Inn On The Green, then Finch’s aka The Duke Of Wellington in Portobello Road. Finding that my sorrows were still not drowned I then proceeded to the Portobello Gold where a duo took some time to come to terms with the pitiful PA system. I left and continued to Soho and Aint Nothing But’s blues night with The King David Trio. Dave Purdey was in his usual good form and I also ran into Big Joe Louis who was appparently playing further down the street.

Needless to say, by the end of the evening my sorrows still struggled to the surface as I contemplated life without a car. No I’m not going over the top green, I just can’t afford another car at present. This of course brings it’s own problems as far as gigging is concerned but wouldn’t life be boring without problems?

One thought on “Drowning not Waving

  1. Graham, this is Richard from Connecticut – I can’t seem to figure out how your monhtly column always seems to mirror my life???????

    Regardless, my wife and I are coming to England on September 2 – I need to go to Tring on business and then should be back in London Friday the 5th.

    Please let me know if the band is playing around anywhere durng that time – AND – worst case, if you’re not, can my wife and I meet you and Chris for dinner one evening – the more conventional the pub the better.

    We’re due to leave on Sunday the 7th (my birthday).

    If you would – please keep in touch – GOD Bless – Richard

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