Open Mike

Last Sunday’s gig at the Inn On The Green went well, with the return of Chris Youlden to the fold. Of course the usual hecklers opened up proceedings, but though they want to be part of the show, they still aren’t getting paid. After the gig, one or two of them seemed to think that I was in a bad mood because I hadn’t bother to respond in my usual charming way. Well occasionally you have to make people think for themselves.

As it happens we had a surfeit of vocalists, because besides myself and Chris and our bass player Jim Mercer, we also had keyboard man and vocalist Jamie Rowan in the party. It began to feel like open mike night at the Salvation Army. In fact, I almost forgot to invite Carmen Carr up to sing, but we managed that in the second set. All these people just when I’m finally beginning to enjoy singing…“Somebody’s got to go.” as Sonny Boy Williamson put it.

The good news is that Time Out listings magazine finally got the start-time right and even drew a few extra punters. The bad news is that next month’s gig may have to be put on hold as someone wants to hire the place to try out their pre-Carnival costumes. I’m pretty sure we don’t qualify as a Carnival band even though we get one or two local reggae guys at the gig. Of course if we could persuade some of those scantily-clad carnival dancers on stage, even the hecklers might lighten up.

I’ll just have to wait and see. Dave, the manager is going to try to include us but he may not be able to. He’s quite aware that we wouldn’t look too good scantily clad. He’ll let me know as soon as possible. About the gig, I mean, not the scanty costumes. Or is that just an excuse to persuade me to call in at the bar. On second thoughts, perhaps not. He’s quite aware than I don’t need an excuse. Now if only I could predict the future…

Come to think of it I can. The horses in two races at York Racecourse, ran exactly as I predicted today. Not before time, either. I was considering taking more trips to France so that I could even things up a bit by ordering horse steaks in the hope that one of them would have come from some of the nags who’ve been running for me lately. Most of them are still running and would definitely improve with a dressing of mustard sauce. After today‘s results, I can again afford to consider the option of improving my French. Oh look, that’ll have to wait, the pubs are still open….


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  1. Hello,
    I’m a blues artist and have done a few of Chris Youlden’s songs thru the years in performance. I’ve a new cd on the way and have two of Chris’ on the cd. I’d sure like to get a copy to him as well as a copy of my last cd “Real Blue” As Chris has been an influence on my music since I was real young, I think he’d enjoy our take on his songs. I’ve got the great keyboardist Gordon Mote along with me and it’s a million miles from what passes as blues music over here today. If you could help me out, please provide Chris’ address for me. If you search the web for me you might find me in my second role as folk musician with The Gordons. We play out round the globe too.
    Kind Regards,
    Gary Gordon

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