Swanning around

I phoned Chris today to discuss meeting with him and Mel and Bernie, the guys on the “Greek Street” Cd. That will be in Soho at the beginning of May. It will be good to see Chris up and about again. He’s also planning to resume gigging with us at the next Inn On The Green gig on the 11th of May as long as he continues to make progress. The band are looking forward to that.

The gig at The King’s Head Theatre Pub went well as it seemed to coincide with someone’s birthday party so the place was rocking. Al Vincent was on guitar and Jim Mercer on Bass and vocals. Mel Wright depped on drums for Dino who is swanning around California at present . It’s all right for some, I suppose. Dino actually sent me an email today informing me that he has left promo copies of the “Got Blues If You Wannit” Cd at a few US radio stations. Perhaps he’ll get back soon and get the damned album finalised and pressed. Ooh, did I write that? To be honest, he deserves the break, even if it’s only a break from me hassling him about the album.

As it was St George’s Day yesterday, I decided to do the patriotic thing and celebrate my Englishness. I managed a little tour of the Portobello Road pubs, bumping, unintentionally into a few musos on the way and making the usual promises that I wouldn’t have dreamed of making if I’d been sober. Mostly these were agreeing to turn up at various jams. I’ll probably have to plead amnesia again.

Of course I did agree to be at the Muddy Waters Memorial night at the Oval at the end of the month. That is another one I’d tried to forget, but yesterday I received a reminder phone call from John O’Leary who is organising it. Today, he sent me an email too, so I don’t suppose I can dodge that one . Also today, I went to lunch with the woman of my dreams. Unfortunately I’m still not the man of her dreams. What’s new?