King's Head Gig

Last Monday’s gig at the King’s Head was noticeable for the absence of the drummer, Dino Coccia. We carried on without him and later found out that his car had broken down. The joys of the open road, once again. Incidentally, Dino will be away in the States  from the 14th of April, the day after our Inn On The Green gig. He’s going to do some gigs with bassist Steve York, who is now living in Mexico. Afterwards, Dino will stay with friends in Los Angeles and returns on the morning of our May 5th gig which will be at the King’s Head. That’s as long as the plane doesn’t break down too.

     I met with Chris Youlden yesterday who is doing well and it may be sooner rather than later, that he resumes with us. Among other things we discussed was the possibility of  making the four-track Maxwell Street cd a free web download. This means there will be some more site adjustments soon.

   Chris and I also reminisced about the early days and how he came to join Savoy Brown, which would make  an interesting alternative version to some of the stories going the rounds. As I had been talking to John O’Leary about the Savoy Brown start-up, he too had had some pertinent things to say. I promise to keep quiet.

   Next week I’m meeting Mel Wright to try to sort out the possibility of releasing a recording of a live gig we did at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, way back when. We are also going to the annual booze-up in memory of guitarist Bruce Langsman, who replaced Rod Price in my band and later joined with Mel and bassist/vocalist Ron Skinner after their Dynaflow days with Rod. They had formed the uk Nighthawks by then and they played the 100 Club gig with Wolfie Witcher on harp and vocals. I did a set with them too and Mel seems to think it worth releasing. We’ll check it out in the studio and then decide.

  Talking about releases, the Widespace “Got Blues If Ya Wannit” album is still delayed due to technical difficulties or communication difficulties or any difficulties you might care to mention. However, I’m sure it will be sorted and out soon, preferably before Dino goes to the States, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m meeting him tomorrow night for an update.

    The next Inn On The Green gig will include vocalist and keyboard man Jamie Rowan, who is depping for guitarist Alan Vincent(who has been depping for Chris). If Chris is still not available then Al will return for the Inn gig in May. Are you thoroughly confused by all this? Well I, for one, definitely am. Ah the joys of leading the troops. I think I’ll stop whilst I’m ahead. I am ahead, aren’t I?