Chris Youlden Latest

I saw Chris yesterday and he is on the mend. His lungs have healed up and he is walking in the park each day and his strength is improving. We discussed the possibility of him returning to action and he is hopeful. It may be sooner rather than later. He has tried singing and it went well. 

4 thoughts on “Chris Youlden Latest

  1. Vick,
    Please tell Chris that he has fans in Chicago who are sending positive thoughts his way for a speedy recovery. I know he’s got more music to play, and I hope that one day I get a chance to see him him play some of it!

    I’ve been a fan since Raw Sienna. Recently I’ve been listening to it again, and it’s one of the few records I have from those days that really holds up well – if fact, I think I enjoy it more now than I did back then. I think Chris is probably the greatest UK blues singer EVER, bar none. Get well soon Chris!

    All the best,
    Scott in Chicago

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