Gigging Around

Had another enjoyable visit to the Oval Tavern in Croydon yesterday. This is my favourite gig because the interval music is always great to listen to.  It’s a vinyl freak’s delight and although I’m not one (a delight, I mean) I really do enjoy Graeme’s selection. Great blues and a great audience. Had a chat with John O’Leary, who admitted that his was an Irish name and that he actually had a  Paddy’s night gig, as distinct from my St Patrick’s evening blues gig at the King’s Head. I’m not sure whether John said he was going to be doing “Danny Boy”, but I certainly am not.

We talked about the old days when he and Kim Simmonds formed Savoy Brown and the Nag’s Head gig in Battersea. My band took over from them there, for a while. It’s gone now, of course. Enough of this nostalgia, you’ll have me weeping in me Guiness, sure you will!

I even agreed to turn up and do a number, (“Long Distance Call” I think) at the Muddy Water’s memorial gig which John is arranging at the Oval. I know it’s a Wednesday night but the date seems to have passed by with the last drop that touched my lips yesterday.

Everbody seems to be anxious to get their free bus pass nowadays so I’ll probably be going to a few 60th Birthday sessions including Tom Nolan’s at the Eel Pie Club in Twickenham on Wednesday. It all makes me feel so old. Thank God I’m better looking than the rest of these old codgers. Oh, it’s time I left for the King’s Head. Now where did I leave my Zimmer frame.