Last Night's Gig

Did a duo gig with Gordon Smith in Fulham last night. Gordon tells me he is  going to do some more recording for Mike Vernon, who is re-releasing Gordon’s Blue Horizon albums. The gig went fine as usual, with both of us sharing the vocals and Gordon managing to include a couple of guitar instrumentals in his classy style. He is so easy to work with, though normally I dislike duo work.

Bassist Jim Mercer and Norma, his amour, popped in. We managed to catch some of the England/France rugby as well.

Another person who turned up out of the blue was an old fan from Finland, Timmo. He used to come  over once a year to London and usually timed his visit to catch one of our gigs. He arrived a little the worse for wear and left that way too. At least I assume he left. He was still there when we went. He reminded me about some of the old gigs, like the Caernarvon and Dublin Castle and the Plough in Stockwell. He also mentioned that after leaving one of our Stockwell gigs, he got robbed. Nothing changes. It was good to see him again.

Today I am wondering how to avoid the various domestic chores which are long overdue. Seems like another good reason to go drinking. (Is there a good reason, I wonder?) I’ll probably call in at the Inn on the Green, down near Portobello Market, for an afternoon session. Decisions, decisions!

2 thoughts on “Last Night's Gig

  1. hello Shakey, I’m still alive and in Spain. I left your gig right after you guys, a little bit intoxicated in deed…. We are coming to London again this Friday and shall leave to Finland on Sunday. Let me know if there is anything not to be missed on the blues scene. It was nice meeting you after a long time, and I hope to see you soon again. Regards from Timmy The Dog Tel. +358 400 554266 (check timmy the dog’s & deuce and a quarter on youtube and timmy the dick on myspace.)

  2. Hi Shakey was a good night down fulham last saturday glad Timo got back o.k. hope he comes back soon,some good music from yourself and gordon, if you have a cold only one way to cure it a -bottle of whisky regards Roy the northenere.

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