Open Mike

Last Sunday’s gig at the Inn On The Green went well, with the return of Chris Youlden to the fold. Of course the usual hecklers opened up proceedings, but though they want to be part of the show, they still aren’t getting paid. After the gig, one or two of them seemed to think that I was in a bad mood because I hadn’t bother to respond in my usual charming way. Well occasionally you have to make people think for themselves.

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Nights out

Last Wednesday I went to the Muddy Waters memorial gig at the Oval in East Croydon. It was very well attended. Various musos got up and did mostly Muddy Waters songs. Naturally I did something else, Robert Johnson, Little Walter and so on. Well somebody has to be a pain, so it might as well be me. Of course, I did get off to a bad start (it must have been the free beer).
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Swanning around

I phoned Chris today to discuss meeting with him and Mel and Bernie, the guys on the “Greek Street” Cd. That will be in Soho at the beginning of May. It will be good to see Chris up and about again. He’s also planning to resume gigging with us at the next Inn On The Green gig on the 11th of May as long as he continues to make progress. The band are looking forward to that.
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Last Night…

Last night I went to the Eel Pie Club in Twickenham where Bob Hall was joined by Top Topham for another evening of nostalgia. I define nostalgia as anyone who has been around as long as me and is still playing blues. Other people who say that nostalgia’s not what it used to be, are thereby proved wrong. Of course, they may have another definition, but I like to get personal about some things and however you define it, I’ve been around long enough to have picked up some nostalgia. 

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Chris Youlden Latest

I saw Chris yesterday and he is on the mend. His lungs have healed up and he is walking in the park each day and his strength is improving. We discussed the possibility of him returning to action and he is hopeful. It may be sooner rather than later. He has tried singing and it went well.